joi, 27 ianuarie 2011

love, love, love...

I am happy when I feel that I am loved, but I am happier if I love too.
I think that love is the most important thing in our life. Love for a person, for other people, for all around us.
We have to learn what love is lifelong, to be closer to God or to the power of intelligence that runs the universee.
I believe that we live many lives and we have to accomplish some tasks, to develop our spiritual qualities - this is my existential philosophy.
What saddens me is that people hate and hurt each other, that people do not trust each other, that people impose their wishes and are not tolerant of those who believe differently.
About a relationship I think that is very important to live in harmony - it is not about to compress two worlds in one, to subject one world (woman) to another, more powerful (man).
It is about understending and enlarging both of them through love.

2 comentarii:

  1. 1) :) Ne globalizam :)
    2) Frumos mesaj.

  2. 1) A ajuns Globalizarea pe blogul dvs. :) . 2) Fracţionarea, divizarea, detaşarea, închistarea şi derivatele acestora, cred, se vor dezvolta în paralel într-o bifurcare cu înglobarea, acceptarea, iertarea, compasiunea, dragostea şi derivatele acestora. 3) Cel mai mare conflict al omenirii este şi va fi cel al războiului tuturor împotriva tuturor sau a fiecăruia împotriva celorlalţi. Nu prea veselă imagine :) . Într-un final totuşi, cred, totul va fi bine şi frumos.